Whistleblower Reporting System

Eisenmann attaches great importance to transparency and integrity. Therefore, we are proud to stress our support for the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG). This legislation allows for our employees and external business partners to safely and confidentially report potential violations against laws, regulations or codes of ethics. Our reporting line is available to you to share your concerns and ensure that our organization always meets ethical standards and legal requirements. Our process ensures secure channels for sharing information and protects the whistleblower from harassment or retaliation.

Complaints in connection with the Whistleblower Protection Act (Hin SchG) can be reported:

Please include the following company identification number with any report: HSG-15013

Other Complaints

Eisenmann regards complaints as valuable feedback from clients, employees and other stakeholders in an organization. They provide the opportunity to identify deficiencies, improve processes and reinforce the trust in our organization.

External complaints can be communicated to the company as follows:

  • Direct communication with the Eisenmann contact partner (Sales, Purchasing, Project Manger, etc.)
  • Anonymously to:

For effective handling of complaints, please follow the applicable Directive.

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