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Highest Efficiency For Individual Applications Within The Coating Process

The factory of the future will be free of rigid operations and processes – the goal is nothing short of serial production with a batch size of 1. This is going to take smart, flexibly adjustable conveyor systems that make it possible to produce a wide variety of car bodies and vehicle models on a single plant. As supplier of a great variety of conveyor systems, we provide complete logistical solutions for automating and linking the internal material flow.

Flexible, Scalable, Sustainable

During a consistent further development of the skidless paint shop, Eisenmann has introduced the VarioMover, an automated guided vehicle designed for special applications in the car body coating process. It can be configured either as a PaintMover for the skidless transport of car bodies through the paint shop processes or as a StoreMover for scalable surface storage. The technology of the VarioMover facilitates the transport of loads up to 1,500 kg. It can move omnidirectionally, allowing for the most compact travel styles throughout the overall process. The built-in LiDAR system provides orientation by measuring its surroundings, generating a 360-degree protective field and ensuring safety for people in terms of collision protection.

The VarioMover is compatible with various types of batteries. Recharging takes place without contact after the end of the shift at the latest, with an efficiency of 93%.

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VARIOMOVER flexibel, skalierbar, nachhaltig

Maximum Scalability and Efficiency In The Coating Process

Usually, car bodies are transported through the paint shop on a steel slide (skid). The PaintMover provides the driverless transport of the car body through the overall coating process without a skid. The skid no longer needs to be heated up and cooled down unnecessarily during the coating process. It is resource-saving and thus sustainable.

Designing Versatile and Cost-Effective Storage Areas

In addition to the functions of the PaintMover, the StoreMover is equipped with an integrated lifting device. It drives under the car bodies, lifts them, and transports them to a specified destination, either with or without a skid.

The concept of the StoreMover considers the utilization of any available free space, thereby creating a scalable storage area that offers the greatest possible flexibility for area relocations and capacity changes.

Basis Of Skidless Conveyor Technology with High Savings Potential

VarioLoc is an innovative and fail-safe conveyor system that combines several tried-and-tested technologies, forming the basis for the development of a skidless paint shop. Equipped with its own drive, the VarioLoc dynamically travels through the entire paint shop along a rail installed at floor level—without any heavy skids. The elimination of skids allows for reduced energy consumption in the curing process, making it resource-saving. In case of subsequent conversions, VarioLoc remains flexibly deployable, as an upgrade of the system is easy to implement, and the locs can be used in any place. VarioLoc ensures a high level of flexibility in changing capacity management.

Simple & Robust Conveyor System in The Pretreatment Process

The pendulum conveyor is a simple and robust dip coating system for car bodies in pretreatment and cathodic dip coating plants. The car bodies are continuously transported through the dip tanks with the roof up. In this system, the immersion and lifting movements of the car bodies are rigidly determined by the deflection of the carrying chains.

Smooth Material Flow in A Wide Variety Of Production Facilities

With the Power & Free material flow systems, different plant areas can be traversed seamlessly at functionally adapted speeds. Whether stacking, clocked, or continuous transport, Power & Free allows for transfer-free linked intralogistics without system changes, enabling an energy-efficient, economical, and flexible direct connection of the coating process to upstream and downstream zones. The strength of the system lies in targeted feeding and removal, storage, sorting, and dosing, as well as in continuous transport. The robust rail system is designed to be low-wear and low-maintenance, ensuring a high level of process reliability and a long service life.

Flexible Transport of Light-Weight Loads

The 'inverted' conveyor system installed at floor level combines the benefits of floor-mounted circular conveyors, multi-track spindle conveyors, and skid conveyors with those of conventional Power & Free overhead conveyors. Despite its outstanding flexibility, it requires fewer drives and control components. The compact dual-rail system can be cost-effectively integrated into wet paint and powder coating lines. Variable travel modes and speeds increase the flexibility of coating systems compared to systems with conventional circular conveyors, as they may vary depending on the process and the transport task.

Simple Conveyor System for The Paint Shop and Production

The mechanically simple structure of the circular conveyor is based on a rigid plate-link chain, guaranteeing reliable function and a long service life. The variable system allows for several chain pitches, creating individually optimal hanger pitches. Additionally, it is resistant to dirt, moisture, and temperatures of up to 250°C without any problems. Its simple control concept provides the option of integrating further intelligent material flow systems, creating overall solutions that are cost-effective and economical regarding capital expenditure and operating costs.

Versatile Transport Options in The Wheel Coating Process

The Eisenmann spindle conveyor is primarily utilized in plastic coating systems and the wheel coating process. In large, complex (wheel) coating systems, the various conveyor circles are connected by transmission robots. This configuration ensures that the different requirements of the coating and drying cycle are met in full. Versions with ascending and descending slopes are possible, for example, for energy-saving paint curing ovens with A-lock.

Flexible interlinking of production lines and transport routes

In the paint shop, the use of electrified monorail systems (EMS) is optimal for protective underbody coating lines. Our EMS systems feature their own chassis controls, with which stop positions and times can be implemented based on car body type if necessary. Furthermore, the EMS runs quietly and boasts extremely precise stopping accuracy. The full potential is reached in combination with an optional oscillating hanger. It allows the car body to be rotated on both sides by up to 110° in manual workstations, making it possible to work ergonomically.

Compact & Robust Heavy-Duty System For Coating System and Assembly

The Moveable Hoist system was specifically designed to ensure the process-reliable transport of large and heavy loads through surface treatment and assembly. As a standard, the trolley set is rated for the transport of parts up to 10,000 kg in weight. The modular conveyor system can move both longitudinally and transversely, consisting of passive trolleys and transfer bridges. This means it adapts to all tasks. The stationary frequency-controlled motors of the drives provide gentle acceleration and braking, as well as a variable start-up of the various plant areas.


Ergonomic and safe operation in final assembly is paramount.

Our heavy-duty EMS is the ideal conveyor system for car bodies in final assembly, regardless of whether for compact cars, SUVs, multivans, or vans. The integrated chain hoist ensures an ergonomic working height in every station. This reliable and low-maintenance system offers very high payloads with very low weight. Replacing other conveyor systems with the chain hoist often allows for achieving significantly higher payloads at a lower cost without the need for complex reinforcement of the hall roof structure. The system’s redundant design provides maximum safety.

Versatile Installation Platform in the Smart Factory

The Assembly Mover is based on the technology of the VarioMover (please link it there). Its compact design allows for precise, Wi-Fi-controlled backing up to the flat, pitiless platforms in final assembly. Since no intermediate treads are required, the Assembly Mover creates synchronous product movements and ergonomically advantageous working conditions that can be verified. The use of the Assembly Mover not only has a positive impact on operating costs but also eliminates the need for pits, creating potential savings on buildings and ensuring long-term flexibility, as subsequent conversions can be easily implemented.

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