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As Strategic Purchaser, I play a role in the development of a system by procuring the components needed piece by piece. In doing so, my job is characterized by constantly growing expertise and further development of our qualified supplier network for major trades, steel construction and assembly. It is particularly exciting when I keep the balls in the air as an interface to our partners directly on our construction sites in Europe. As part of a close-knit team, I benefit from short decision-making processes and respectful communication at eye level. In this way, we automatically work hand in hand towards our common goal – to deliver an optimal solution for our clients.



Our systems are customized according to the requirements of the clients. They change frequently due to market-related changes and present us with new challenges when putting them into operation. Innovative ideas for a clever integration into existing processes are a top priority to us. Even after years of experience, we always learn something new. And exactly that welcome diversion is what makes it so exciting for us. Furthermore, we are quite proud to contribute to the completion of premium production systems.

The unlimited support from the team and management forms a great basis for an independent approach – even to tricky projects – and is our daily motivation.



We sell our systems worldwide. This involves sales activities, commissioning and service assignments all over the world. I make sure that our colleagues travel from A to B punctually, safely and smoothly. The fact that I can keep my back to them is also made possible by our management through uncomplicated and transparent communication. Being open to streamlining bureaucratic processes gives me the freedom to develop new ideas and design clever processes.
This helps us all move forward and motivates me every day.



Right after I finished my training as structural steel fitter, I already learned about all kinds of system areas during my first assignments as fitter.

Today, as an environmental technician in the field of pre-treatment/WWTP/CDP, I ensure that our systems are operated in a WHG-compliant (WHG = Water Management Act) and resource-saving manner. Worldwide. As soon as optimizations are required to make water treatment more effective, I work hand in hand with my colleagues and figure out new ideas constructively and always fairly. We advise our clients about the legally compliant use of chemicals, and I help to ensure that approval processes run smoothly. I enjoy doing my job. It also gives me the chance to grow with every new challenge.



The complexity of our systems, which are several football pitches in size and several storeys high, is always breathtaking. No system, no location, no project is the same, which always presents us with new challenges. Together as a team, we find solutions and approaches that allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is supposedly technically possible. This also makes my work unique and makes it exciting and fulfilling every day.



My job reminds me of a bit of playing Tetris!

As soon as the quality inspection of our coating systems is completed, I will ensure that the individual components are stored safely and transported to the construction site in due time. I use foresight to ensure that on-site handling goes smoothly - and so I work hand in hand from Böblingen with logisticians all over the world. My job is interesting and is typically carried out in the office, in the workshop to produce individual packaging or on the pallet truck and forklift in the high-bay warehouse. Supported by the trust of my manager and the desired delivery date always in mind, I work virtually independently.

Many of my colleagues are now part of my circle of friends.
I feel right at home at Eisenmann.



After working in the Purchasing department for many years, I returned to the Eisenmann GmbH following a brief personal leave. I changed sides (professionally) and now take care of our clients in the Sales department. And I do this with my heart and soul! After a phase of extensive training, I was able to quickly get started in the new field thanks to my existing technical know-how and, of course, sure instincts in communicating with a wide variety of business partners. Always with the goal of getting the most out of what is possible for our clients, I enjoy a high degree of autonomy of decision and the benefits of a very independent way of working. In addition, I enjoy the freedom of working my flexible work hours – whether from home, on the go or in the office. Since communication within the company is very transparent at all levels, which creates mutual trust, and we maintain a respectful relationship with one another, I feel completely at home.

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