Separation Systems

Reliable, Clean and Cost-Efficient Overspray Removal

Complete avoidance of the loss of coating material is not possible in the spray-painting process. Efficient technology is required to reliably catch and dispose of this overspray. The reliable and effective removal of the generated airborne paint particles from the air helps ensure that coating systems can be operated reliably in the long term, creating lasting value.

Easy-To-Use And Environmentally Friendly Paint Overspray Removal Technology

The mechanical E-Cube system for removing paint overspray filters out airborne paint particles (overspray) released in paint shops using sophisticated filter technology, without the use of any chemicals, water, or other additives (e.g., binding agents). This energy- and resource-saving system is easy to use and can be operated by anyone. E-Cube can be applied in any wet paint scenario, making it an economical alternative to Venturi wet paint scrubbers.

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Upgrade To a Regenerable Filter System

The Re-Cube filter is a reusable filter designed for the E-Cube system. The goal is to reduce the resources required for filtration while simultaneously harnessing the energy content of the filled filter. The reduction in consumables aligns with the goal of maintaining a clean process. The method of regenerating the Re-Cube through pyrolysis allows for preserving all the benefits of the E-Cube system while achieving additional objectives. This approach holds the promise of further reduced operating costs, an improved CO2 footprint, and increased resilience in the coating process by minimizing the number of outsourced processes. This exemplifies how modern, future-oriented paint overspray removal technology operates in systems of all sizes.

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