Dip Coating

Perfect Surface Coating for Optimal Coating Results

In the field of automotive coating, pretreatment (PT) and cathodic dip coating (CDP) form the cornerstone of the complex coating process. Even at this early stage, nuances determine a smooth production process and premium-quality coating.
This necessitates a special and sophisticated conveyor technology tailored to the specific and changing requirements of car bodies and the production process. With our focus always on market conditions, we take a pioneering position with constantly evolving technologies.

Our Shuttle series conveyor systems for dip coating allow for individual dip curves dependent on the size and weight of the car body, as well as the required production quantity, creating a solid foundation for high surface quality and long-lasting corrosion protection.

Highly Flexible and Smart – The Conveyor System for Dip Coating
Of The Shuttle Series

Solid Basis of The Shuttle Series

The compact, space-saving E-shuttle 200 is particularly suitable for high throughput and car body weights of up to 1,500 kg. It comprises two freely programmable axes: a travel axis and a rotation axis. Eliminating the need for a lifting axis, the pendulum frame mounted on the rotation axis allows for a compact, low-height design of the conveyor system. This dip coating conveyor system enables the smallest coating line cross-sections, making it particularly cost-efficient and ideal for integration into brownfield projects at the same time.

Coating Light-Weight Bodies Efficiently

The E-Shuttle 300 comprises three freely programmable axes: a travel axis, a lifting axis, and a rotation axis. Individually programmable dip curves and process times ensure that car bodies of up to 1,000 kg are cleaned and coated evenly. Space-saving rotation into the tanks, in-process position detection, and the independent shuttle control feature ensure valuable savings potential in terms of space and the use of chemicals.

Highly Flexible Pretreatment of Heavy Bodies

The conveyor system for dip coating, VarioShuttle XL, combines all the plus factors of the E-Shuttle series for the benefit of our clients. Like the 3-axis system, E-Shuttle 300, the VarioShuttle XL features an additional freely programmable lifting axis, allowing for individual dip curves.
With the help of the VarioShuttle XL, even heavy bodies of up to 2,000 kg can be coated with consistently high flexibility and maneuverability. As with the E-Shuttle 300, a space-saving integration of this conveyor system into the paint shop is still possible. This results in attractive potential savings in operating costs in combination with premium coating quality."

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Ideal For Low Throughputs of The Heaviest Bodies

Our EMS systems comprise their own chassis control, enabling the implementation of individual dipping movements if necessary. The system is designed for dip coating car bodies of up to 2.5 tons with a maximum system throughput of 15 jobs per hour. In a synchronized manner, it transports the workpiece with the roof up through the dip tank, thereby achieving premium surface quality for every type of body.

Economical And Flexible - Even for Small Batch Series

Indexing lines with Power & Free conveyors are used for low throughput and larger workpieces. They stand out with their compact design and small dip tank volume. This type of system is particularly economical, as the lifting and lowering stations can be integrated into the otherwise continuous material flow, eliminating the need for transfer to other conveyor systems.

Variable And Versatile for All Shapes and Sizes

Indexing lines with automatic loading units are utilized for coating a broad range of workpieces with varying materials and shapes. Dip coating plants with indexing lines are characterized by a high level of flexibility and variable program sequences. The automatic loading units individually control the cleaning, pretreatment, and CDP tanks, while the individual dwell times in the dip tanks can also be flexibly programmed depending on the workpiece and material.

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