We live our values

Our corporate values have an impact both internally, for management and all employees, and externally, for clients, suppliers, and partners. They are not only considered but also upheld!

These values serve as a valuable guide for our management team when making strategic business decisions. Simultaneously, they are the standard relevant to the assessment of the job by any individual as well as the performance of the collective team.

In dealings with the outside world, we see our corporate values as a guide when selecting potential employees, investors, clients, suppliers, and partners. Together with you, we intend to represent them consistently and align our actions with them accordingly—thus laying the foundation for building a long-term, successful collaboration. Under the umbrella of our shared values, we are eager to contribute to and maintain positive and collegial collaboration.


and Corporate

We are diligent about keeping the clients regularly updated regarding our actions and results, and we act responsibly and genuinely in accordance with our own expectations. We focus on making sensible decisions to ensure long-term continuity. This also includes mutual straightforward and direct communication, especially regarding challenges that arise during the implementation of the project, as well as the responsible use of the company's resources. If our partners do not perceive the collaboration as positive from their point of view, we would appreciate it if they shared this with us proactively and honestly.


and Tolerance

We foster a consistently positive attitude towards our colleagues and show appropriate sensitivity to the concerns of our colleagues and business partners.
Our actions lay the foundation for a harmonious collaboration based on partnership. Maintaining respectful relations with each other is a central component of our corporate culture. We rely on fairness, openness, and understanding in any interaction. In doing so, we strive for a balance of give and take in the relationship, based on trust and equality. Furthermore, we expect our business partners to treat us fairly and respectfully.


Commitment and
Genuine Practice

We are managing the company with a clear vision.
The commitment we strive for is reflected in the reliable adherence to promises and deadlines, but also in straightforward and reasoned communication when promises cannot be kept as required. To us, genuine practice means that our relationships are built on mutual respect, clear lines of communication, and ethical behavior. We value transparency and openness in the processes and request from our partners that they adhere to our common values in their actions.


Boldness and
Openness to
Something New

We are interested in fresh ideas and groundbreaking (sustainable) concepts, which we are happy to discuss with our colleagues and business partners. We are aware that knowledge is valuable and therefore strive to use it optimally. Good ideas and thoughts inspire our organization, enhance our products, and foster team spirit. A vibrant culture and cross-departmental collaboration are important to us, and we see them as crucial success factors for innovations. If unforeseen circumstances or other limiting factors hinder the idea process, we welcome being notified accordingly.


and Sustainability
in Focal

We rely on pioneering technologies and design our products according to the highest ecological and ethical standards. Our commitment to sustainable products is reflected in their longevity, energy efficiency, and resource conservation to make a positive contribution to the environment and the quality of life for our clients and future generations.

If you get the impression that there is an area where our values are not being properly upheld, we expressly encourage you to get in touch with us. Your feedback is vital in ensuring that our company values are implemented in every way.

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